Manuel Selman X Sam Light Foil Test Episode 1

In this Slingshot YouTube 5-part Series, Kite and Foil Pro rider Sam Light joins ex Olympic Surfer and Slingshot Foil Team Rider Manuel Selman in the Dominican Republic to extensively test Slingshot's up and coming Kite, Wing and Foil Range.

Over the 5 episodes you can expect to see them delving into every discipline you can do on the water with Front Wings from the E, G and PTM series within the Phantasm range.

This first episode Sam and Manuel go to an iconic spot on the DR called La Boca which is a coastal River mouth deep enough to allow Sam to Kite foil with his 102cm Mast. This first session will help them get a feel for the foils before venturing out to some wavier, open ocean spots.

During the session both Manuel and Sam getting used too their set ups and trying some advanced manoeuvres and variations of tacking and jibing. As well as this transitional moves they also give pumping a try where Manuel manages to pump over 100m before turning round and pumping back to his wing.

Interested in the equipment Manuel and Sam were using... Here's a breakdown!

Winging and Pump Foil Set Up


Slingwing V3


Flying Fish V2


G1000 (1355cm2) Front wing

Phantasm 82cm Carbon Mast

Kite Foil




Hope Craft V1


Phantasm 657 Front Wing

102cm Mast

325mm Stabiliser


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