Phantasm Windsurf 730 Foil Package
Phantasm Windsurf 730 Foil Package
Phantasm Windsurf 730 Foil Package
Phantasm Windsurf 730 Foil Package

Phantasm Windsurf 730 Foil Package


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After extensive testing by Tony Logosz and the Slingshot Windfoil Team, we are proud to release the ALL NEW Phantasm 730 Windsurf Package. The Phantasm 730 Windsurf is a high-performance carbon free-ride foil with maximum versatility in a lightweight premium carbon construction.

The package comes with a wide-body 103cm mast made from super light, stiff and efficient high-modulus carbon. The wide body masts are capable of handling the largest wings, and all the leverage applied when standing out on the rail of a windsurf board.

The PFI 730 wing is a polished, refined, and scaled down version of our most popular wing to date, the Infinity 76. Better pumping, better jumping, higher top speed and tighter radius carves, all while retaining that shaped-in downforce in the wingtips which prevent you from over-foiling at high speed. The new PFI 730 front wing, combined with the efficiency of carbon delivers a huge wind and speed range with limitless carving and jumping potential.



  • The unbending nature of carbon allows riders to push their limits beyond the thresholds of aluminium performance.
  • A pedestal with more adjustability allows riders to obtain their desired performance by fine tuning their foil placement.
  • Our riders demanded a foil system capable of taking to the air and taking a beating.

Package includes: PFI 730 Front Wing, PS 400 Stabiliser  872 Fuselage, Wide-body 103cm Wide Body Mast, wing covers, carrying case

Phantasm Windsurf 730 Tech Talk